About Korpus Energy Canada

Mycotherapy for your well-being

We offer our customers high quality products through a wide range of products that have been controlled by the Agrolab laboratory for many years. Our medicinal mushrooms as well as our green line are highly concentrated in extract + powder allowing to take advantage of high performance active ingredients. Natural medicine has been waiting for you for more than 3000 years and Korpus Energy Canada accompanies you in its adoption by providing you with the confidence and quality necessary for the sale of this type of product.

Our promises are simple and guarantee you an excellent quality of service:

  • High quality products controlled by an independent laboratory
  • Accessible and competent customer service
  • Fast delivery in Quebec and across Canada

Korpus Energy Canada product ranges

We offer several ranges of products:

  • Medicinal mushrooms in the form of concentrated extract + powder capsules
  • The plant line in the form of concentrated extract + powder capsules
  • Training courses that will allow you to immerse yourself in mycotherapy and understand how it works.

Valérie Soukhérépoff - Mycotherapist and Trainer

Valérie Soukhérépoff has been highlighting the benefits of mycotherapy for over 5 years and is the author of the book "Medicinal Mushrooms to Save the World". She is responsible for the training courses available on the Korpus Energy Canada website. Her expertise is also made available to her patients to guide them in the use of medicinal mushrooms and food supplements in order to benefit from the advantages of natural medicine.