Shiitake - 120 capsules

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TCM texts have mentioned shiitake for over 2000 thousands years ago. Also known as the king of mushrooms, shiitake remains today a valuable way of promoting health. 

Food supplements with shiitake powder, extract of shiitake, polysaccharide from the mushroom, vitamin C.
Contains : 64g/120 capsules 
Recommended dose : 2 capsules twice daily, morning and noon during meals with a large glass of water. 
Recommended dose shall not to be exceeded 
Food supplements should not replace a varied and balanced diet. 

Composition : extract of shiitake (46%), powder of shiitake (28%), coating agent : hydroxypropylmethylcellulose (17%) (capsule shell plant), extract of acerola (6%)
( natural source of vitamin C) ascorbic acid (2.96%) gluten free, lactose free. Dye free, no aroma and no GMO, 100% vegetarian. 

Each batch is checked by AGROLAB on more than 500 heavy metals/ pesticides, radioactivity, radiation, ionization. 
The mushroom authenticity is analyzed and certified.

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Data sheet

Energy Value
4 capsules daily dose
Which polysaccharides
Vitamins C
Shiitaké extract
1000 mg
Shiitaké powder

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